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Author: Diana

Xmas tree

One more seed bag, to warm up our christmas spirit! Mais um saquinho de trigo, para aquecer o espírito natalício! I can see myself, curled up on the couch, with the seed bag warming up my lap and a nice cup of hot cocoa (sigh)! Merry christmas! Já me


I usually download my desktop calendars, but this time, I decided to make my own. Costumo usar os calendários de desktop, mas desta vez, resolvi criar um! Just click on the image to download, use it freely. Quem quiser, é só fazer o download da imagem.

The shirt – part II

Another class and still working on the shirt. Mestre Teresa wanted the shirts finished by yesterday, but she expects to much from us! No one finished! I spent the morning cuffing the sleeves. Mais uma aula e continuamos com a camisa. A Mestre Teresa queria ter as camisas

The shirt

Last saturday, I had another class, the second one making a shirt. Mestre Teresa, made the pattern and cut the fabric, for me to assemble. No passado sábado, foi dia de mais uma aula no curso de costura. Foi o segundo sábado passado a fazer uma


A special order, for special friends! Uma encomenda especial, para amigas especiais!

M’s bib

I changes the buttons on M's bib, to make it a bit more fun. Next time, I'm changing the pockets. Resolvi personalizar o bibe do M. Por hoje, mudei os botões. Para a próxima, mudar os bolsos.

My little sewing machine

A few days ago, I found this in my grandmother's house. Aqui há tempos, numa visita à casa da minha avó, dei de caras com esta preciosidade! It's my old sewing machine, from my childhood. According to my mum, it was  my second one, the first one

All done

Finally, the skirt is done! Finalmente, o post que todos aguardavam ansiosamente

Sewing cart

If I mean business, then I have to make room for all the sewing tools. Se é para levar a costura a sério, há que criar espaço para ela! I took a small cart from our office, which was almost empty and turned it into a sewing

Seed bag

A simple and easy project for beginners. A small bag of seeds to warm up in the microwave (I know

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