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Clothing to wear anytime, anywhere, year-round, rain or shine. Clothing that grows with your child. Clothing that allows the freedom to move and to experience adventures. Freedom to explore the world. Freedom to explore oneself.


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Gender Neutral


The clothes I make can be worn by everyone, be it boy or girl. Being a gender neutral brand means accepting and treating all as equals, which, for me, is a wonderful message to send to the world.


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The brand goes against the massification of the fashion industry, producing in small quantities and valuing longevity, craftsmanship, sustainability and creativity. All the pieces are designed and produced in Portugal, made with cotton sourced from deadstock fabric. I work with certified suppliers, creating long-lasting relationships which ensure good working conditions and no child labour.


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Grow with you


Most of the shirts and trousers have long cuffs which allows the clothing to “grow” with your child. It can be used rolled up and as the child grows, it can be extended to the correct length, being able to wear it for at least two years.




If your cool kid outgrows one of Miss Castelinhos items, no worries… you can send it back, at anytime, and receive a 30% discount on your next purchase. I’ll make sure it’s cleaned and/ or repaired, then placed for resale on my website at a discount. Anything that can’t be repaired will be upcycled. This will keep quality clothes out of the waste and make affordable options available to other families.


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