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First Japanese Sewing Week

Our dear Sara is the mastermind behind this First Japanese Sewing Week. There's a profound love of Japanese Pattern books amongst the sewing  community, so it was about time we spread some of that love. (now more than ever!)  I'm sure you've been following some of the other

Bateau-neck blouse

I've always admired Japanese culture, so much so, that my dream destination is Tokio and studied Japanese for a year (don't ask me to speak it, because it was 9 years ago! :P All I remember is counting to 10 and greetings


Doudou - palavra francesa usada para descrever um objecto ao qual a criança se afeiçoa. Como primeiro projecto, com a nova máquina, resolvi escolher algo simples e que ao mesmo tempo me servisse de protótipo, para outras idéias que andam aqui a fervilhar. Quando fiz a primeira

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