Toddler backpack – free pattern

Last year I drafted a free pattern to be featured on the UpCraft Club. My younger son was about to start daycare for the very first time and I wanted to make him a cool backpack. 

It’s that time of the year again, so I thought I’d share the pattern and instructions here on my blog. Enjoy!


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Everyday Blouse by House of Pinheiro

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This week started with a major pattern release! Rachel (Raquel) from House of Pinheiro designed the Everyday Blouse which the team from the UpCraft pattern design services turned into a beautiful pattern.

I had the chance to be one of the testers. Rachel has an amazing style and it shows through the blouse. Also she’s Brazilian, so it was like testing for one of “your own”.


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Academia Burda

A revista Burda é, sem dúvida, uma referência para quem gosta de costurar, por isso não podia estar mais feliz, por anunciar que iremos ter uma Academia Burda Setúbal.


O primeiro curso, módulo 0, irá acontecer nos dias 24 de setembro, 1, 8 e 15 de outubro.

Local: Fidibiko Coworking, Setúbal

Horário: 9h – 13h

Duração: 16h (4h x 4 aulas)

Módulo 0 – Básico

Requisitos: Sem conhecimentos

Aprendizagem do método de moldes Burda. Noções base de medidas e sua aplicação. Iniciação à máquina de costura.

Confecção base: peça a confeccionar – CAMISOLA

Material necessário:

  • 1,30m/1,80m (modelo C) de tecido de cair fluido, com ou sem percentagem de elastano/ malha de cós a metro/ jersey elástico/tecidos de malha finos;
  • 0,50m de malha tubular a metro com 35cm de largura quando dobrado (modelo A);
  • Fita de enformar termo-colante (modelo A).

Todo o restante material (incluindo máquina de costura) será fornecido no local.

O curso tem um custo de €140 (com oferta de um kit de materiais de costura).

Inscrições através do formulário:

Inscrições limitadas, válidas até 20 de setembro.





Refashion Month 2016 at House of Estrela

Today I’m, once more, joining Magda and other bloggers for Refashion Month 2016. This time a made a very easy transformation, that anyone can try!

Read all about it on Magda’s blog.



Pattern weights (aka sewing your mummy guilt away)

My son M. has been showing interest in sewing for a while. He has even done some projects of his own. Now that he’s on his school summer break, we took the chance to improve and learn a few new skills.

I’ve been wanting to make some pattern weights, but since it’s not as challenging as other projects I keep putting it under the sewing pile. This was a perfect project for M. It’s simple enough for him to be able to do it on his own and I get my much needed pattern weights without having to make them! (Score!! :D)

This was a great way for us to spend quality time together! I’m not one of those mums who loves to play with her kids. In fact sometimes it takes a lot of effort from me to sit on the floor and play with them. I’m sorry, but I just find it too boring! (bad mummy, I know!) But still, I do it, because I know they want me to and they love to play with me. Part of me feels guilty for this. So I try to find other ways to “play” with them… ways that I can enjoy more, like paint, read a book, build Lego, board games… the fact that M. has taken interest in sewing is the icing on the cake.

Getting back to our project, all I had to do was choose the fabric and cut the squares. (I have to admit I don’t trust him with sharp objects. His dad lets him help with the cooking by cutting the ingredients and it freaks the hell out of me! )

Other than that, he did it all by himself!Pattern weigths-01 read more…