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It all went sew wrong…

It all went sew wrong…

Oh boy… last week did not go AT ALL has I planned! I had it all figured out, but from the beginning, things just started to fall apart.

My plan was to make a Marthe blouse, for Selfish Sewing Week. First thing’s first, I started to print the pattern, only to realise my printer ran out of ink. I ordered the cartridges, which can only be bought online. Usually I order it one day and it’s here the next working day, but this time it took 3 days, because of the weekend. Ok… (Take a deep breath…) cartridges finally arrived, paper, set, go… It’s printing everything crooked (Motherf#@&r! Take another deep breath…) Reset the settings, good to go again. Pattern printed and assembled. First item on my list, checked!

Now, on to the fabric. I picked a beautiful striped voile (I think…) that I had bought the week before. Things started to go smoothly, so much so, that I decided to challenge myself. Let’s make this more interesting with French Seams. I followed Constança’s tutorial and it was a breeze. It looked so great! I was on such a high! But has they say (I don’t know who they are!): “The higher you get, the higher the fall!”

French seams-02 French seams-01

Things started going wrong AGAIN… I accidentally set my iron too hot, and burned one of the sleeves (Now I’m hyperventilating! Take another deep breath…). It’s bad, but it’s not that bad, I can cut the burnt fabric and make a 3/4 sleeve. Problem solved!

When I went on to sew the peplum, on the top half, I realised I had cut the fabric wrong. I forgot to cut it on the fold, and had no fabric left (Sh@t!). This was late at night, so next morning, I raced to the fabric store, only to find there was nothing left! (Someone or something does not want me to finish this blouse!) But there’s another solution. Just use a different fabric. Simple!

Easier said than done… By this time, I’m sick and tired of this project, but I talked myself back into it (You’re no quitter! You can do this!)

But now,  I have a unfinished top… After all the trouble I don’t want to just throw it aside!

Marthe_v.01-03I think I might try to find a similar fabric, in black, to finish the bottom half. What do you think? Will it look good? Any suggestions are welcome!

P.S. – I still haven’t finished the second Marthe blouse, but I’ll leave that for another post!

  • Magda E.

    March 17, 2015at11:19 am Reply

    Ai Diana! Vezes há que parece que tudo nos corre mal… geralmente é o cansaço a falar mais alto (ou no meu caso, costuma ser o sono, pois costuro sempre tardíssimo). Mas não desistas, esse tecido é lindo. Experimenta em preto sim!

    • Diana

      March 17, 2015at12:44 pm Reply

      Este estava destinado a correr mal! E o cansaço não ajuda nada… Tu sabes bem como é! Andamos de volta dos miúdos durante o dia e à noite queremos fazer algo por nós, mas o corpo e a cabeça já não conseguem! Pendurei a blusa num sítio onde vejo, para não me esquecer dela. Agora é só encontrar o tecido certo.

  • Inspinration

    March 17, 2015at11:23 am Reply

    Oh I love these sorts of posts, so familiar! If things start to go wrong, they will keep going wrong. I a similar situation I kept on cutting the same pocket (instead of its mirror image) up to three times and then I was out of fabric! These situations you really need to be extra creative.
    Is there no way to put the peplum pieces together with a seam? Possibly putting a small vertical stripe between the seams to make it look intentional?

    • Diana

      March 17, 2015at12:46 pm Reply

      That’s a really good idea! Thanks Miranda! It might just work.

  • Fatima

    March 17, 2015at12:10 pm Reply

    This post reminds me so much to my last sewing!! haha I had some trousers nearly finished, but wanted to serge some tricky curves near the central front panel. I knew forehand i was going to have trouble… I was completely sure… and yes! I cut the fabric with the serger!
    Your Marthe is looking great! So you MUST finish it 🙂 I would go for a black, dark blue or purple for the bottom. Any of the colors in the print would work. And maybe you could add a small neck ribbing with the same colour?

    • Diana

      March 17, 2015at12:52 pm Reply

      That’s exactly why I still haven’t bought a serger, but I know I have to get one fast! I’ve thought about the ribbing, I think the contrast between the two fabrics would look really good! You’ve give me a lot to think about!:D Thank you Fatima!

  • Maria Borges Duarte

    March 17, 2015at4:06 pm Reply

    Há projectos em que parece que tudo acontece!! Pelo menos comigo é assim 😉 Mas não desistas e acho que um tecido preto em baixo deve resultar bem 🙂

    • Diana

      March 18, 2015at12:00 am Reply

      É verdade Maria! Obrigada!

  • Inês

    March 17, 2015at8:04 pm Reply

    Pareces eu. Quase tudo o que faço tem alguma peripécia pelo meio porque sou uma distraída. 😉 acho que preto resulta bem. Força que não já nada pior que projectos inacabados… 🙂

    • Diana

      March 18, 2015at12:03 am Reply

      Eu é que não conto metade das peripécias! Mas este foi demais! Pendurei à vista para não ficar esquecida. Obrigada!

  • Rita @ ConversasdeHermanas

    March 18, 2015at1:31 pm Reply

    Hahahah estou-me a rir porque sei o que dizes… é MESMO Grrrrr! Mas olha que estou a gostar bastante do que fizeste ate agora, vale a pena continuares. Qualquer uma das cores das riscas fica bem (eu escolheria uma das mais escuras)

    • Diana

      March 18, 2015at1:49 pm Reply

      Obrigada Rita! Já tenho umas ideias para acabá-la, mas primeiro estão as small fry para o Manuel. Vou-vos pondo a par do progresso. 😉

  • Patricia Brissos

    March 18, 2015at6:24 pm Reply

    Isso aconteceu-me com uma blusa para a minha piolha, quando acabei já estava farta dela e nem o facto de estar (na minha opinião) linda me aqueceu o coração. Cada vez que a vejo lembro-me do que sofri para a acabar e por isso desenvolvi uma antipatia natural pela dita… 🙂 mas acabei-a, porque também sou assim a modos que teimosa! ah ah ah Acho que o preto ia resultar muito bem ou um tecido bem contrastante… não desistas! 🙂

    • Diana

      March 18, 2015at9:22 pm Reply

      A minha vontade, a certa altura, era atirá-la pela janela, mas também sou bastante teimosa e não me ía deixar vencer por um pedaço de pano! No fim até sinto mais satisfação, mesmo que não fique perfeita. Obrigada!

  • Ana Sofia

    March 18, 2015at10:26 pm Reply

    Hahahah We have all been through the same 🙂
    Unfortunately I have the nasty habit of trowing my “unfinished” pieces into a “bag” until I find a better solution – which obviously never happens 🙁
    I also like the idea of a dark fabric for the peplum.

    • Diana

      March 19, 2015at8:23 am Reply

      Hahaha… Thanks Ana! 😀

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